Worlds Meeting

Worlds Meeting

By Nancy Ballard.

When worlds meet
like circles, overlapping:

Two worlds collide
crashing, head-butting
into one another,
the floating feeling,
love, gone,
gravity sets in,
will there be a soft landing,
heading earthbound,
pick up the pieces and
a new circle begins

Two worlds become
as one,
a brief time, connect,
meet on the same plane,
others, in another dimension
or like some,
a lifetime
of circles linked, worlds
meshed, joined,
a desirous find.


NANCY BALLARD started writing poetry about 6 years ago and her poetry credits include the Lynch Award from the Poetry Society of Texas, four poems published in Penine Ink Magazine, UK, Miller’s Pond, Poets of the Living Waters, honorable mention in the Poetree Contest, with publication in a chapbook that sold and the proceeds went to Ancient Also, four poems published in Long Story Short magazine.

Photo by LadyDragonflyCC.

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