Writer’s Carnival: A Community for Writers

Writer’s Carnival: A Community for Writers

Show of hands… Who wants to be part of a writing community that offers a friendly network of fellow writers, insightful critique from peers, cash-prize contests, paid publication opportunities, and helpful resources on how to improve your craft all in one place? Then you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what you’ve come across, your new one-stop shop for all your writing wants and needs! Let’s take a quick look together, shall we? (You can put your hand down now.)

Writer’s Carnival opened its virtual doors in March 2013, and added Reader’s Carnival, the in-house e-zine/magazine in January 2014.  The community is filled with writers who are all there for different reasons, but who all share the same passion for writing.  It’s a warm and friendly environment, and is also a place to hone your writing skills.

You can jump into the action by updating your status on the Center Stage or by joining the fun in one of our weekly challenges, which usually get upwards of 600 comments and replies from members in the community.  Browse our tips and prompts pages or dive in deep by posting a story or poem for peer feedback. There’s all of that and more at www.writerscarnival.ca so don’t be shy!  Step #write up and join the fun today.

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